Ethiopian Coffee Exhibition in Tel-Aviv, Israel
The Ethiopian Embassy to the State of Israel in collaboration with Nahat cafe presented today a coffee exhibition in Tel-Aviv Yafo. The exhibition attracted many participants in the coffee sector. In the opening session the managing partner of Nahat Cafe Mr. Dan recalling his many years of experience in the coffee business, said that Ethiopian coffee is unique in many ways. Especially after the visit of the coffee farms and processing units in Ethiopia Nahat Cafe partners has been connected to the Ethiopian coffee value chain including those involved in the plantation, harvesting, processing, drying green beans, roasting and exporting coffee. Nahat Cafe has been serving Ethiopian coffee in Tel-Aviv for the past eight years.
On this occasion, H.E Ambassador Reta Alemu said that “this is part of our plan to promote Ethiopian Coffee in the Israel market, which is an endeavor to create a network of stakeholders” He also stated that “Ethiopia as a birthplace of coffee has been providing its organic and natural coffee to the world market”. The coffee sector has many contributors including producers, processors, rosters, and coffee shops. As one of the leading countries in coffee production, Ethiopia will serve as the pillar of the global coffee industry. The demand for Ethiopian coffee is increasing through the years, which is reflected in the volume of trade.
Nahat Cafe, the company that took a major part in organizing the fair, is working, in cooperation with local companies, to contributes to the activities that are carried out to increase the coffee of our country in the Israeli market. Nahat cafe has been expanding its marketing in Tel-Aviv and has five branches.
Ambassador Reta said that the organization of this kind of fair will be an opportunity for our country’s coffee producers, suppliers, exporters to develop experience to compete in the international market and participate in the promotion of our coffee.
A company known as “Paris- Addis” which works on a specialty coffee in France, took part in the exhibition and discussed with Israeli companies how to collaborate and reach the targeted market through promoting Ethiopian coffee.

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